DS Smart Cloud Communication Integration Platform

It is committed to providing one-stop cloud communication service solutions for enterprises and individual developers.

Build 5G information infrastructure and support system, reduce customer communication service costs, quickly realize capacity output, provide convenient, fast and intelligent cloud communication services for industry customers and individuals, and support PaaS, SaaS and other modes of access and deployment.

Cost Effective

Low starting point for recharging, high cost performance, pay as needed, no network and hardware maintenance costs.

High stability

DS cloud communication platform adopts the multi platform deployment scheme of cloud+physical machine room, and the platforms are disaster recovery for each other to ensure stable service for customers.

High concurrency

DS Cloud communication platform supports high concurrency processing capability.

High Quality

Three networks in one exclusive channel, multi-channel intelligent routing technology optimization, and short message processing in milliseconds.

High Security

The standard security system independently developed by DS platform meets the requirements of Grade III equal protection.

It provides enterprises with professional message delivery services such as verification code, notification and marketing, supports three networks communication+Internet integrated message promotion, and provides enterprises with optimal solutions for business notification, customer retention, customer transformation, security verification and other services, with a flow rate of 100000 pieces/second.
Provide voice communication capability in the form of cloud services. The joint operators provide stable, reliable, secure and reliable cloud communication services for enterprises, including rich PaaS/SaaS products such as voice notifications, privacy protection calls, voice verification codes, call center APIs, etc., with the advantages of high concurrency, intelligent routing, early warning monitoring, disaster recovery switching, and support for multi line access&expansion. The online concurrency is up to 100000 lines.
To provide IoT terminals and customers with mobile communication access services, wireless data, voice, SMS and other basic communication services, as well as communication connection management, terminal management and other operational services, and to build a core development direction of the IoT cloud platform that integrates ecology, platform and services, with a peak interactive processing capacity of 200000 times/second.
Based on the software and hardware carrying wireless data, voice, SMS and other mobile communication access services, SAAS platform+intelligent hardware+APP is used to provide various small and medium-sized enterprises with digital cloud communication services. Provide SAAS integrated new retail digital marketing solutions, and improve production and transaction efficiency through a new retail model that deeply integrates online services, offline experience and modern logistics.